School of Groove to Cuba 2017!!



The students of School of Groove are about to embark on another adventure to the birthplace of Cuban Son. We are excited to have the opportunity to study for the second time with some fabulous instructors of this traditional musical genre. This will be an exceptional opportunity for the students to be immersed in a unique musical culture and have unforgettable social and cultural experiences.

But opportunities like this cannot be possible without the help of many generous supporters, like you!! Please check out our crowd funding page ( or stay tuned for some other exciting fundraising activities (like zumba classes, concerts and more!)

School of Groove goes to Cuba!!

On January 7, 2016, six School of Groove students will embark on a great musical adventure to Santiago de Cuba! This is a rare and unique opportunity and these are some of our most dedicated students. It will be an amazingly inspiring experience and we’re excited to make it happen for them.

But of course, like everything, there is a cost. These students come from families who are passionate about giving their children important life-changing experiences and encouraging them to follow their passions. We can use some help to make this a reality for these kids.

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School of Groove

A school devoted to the music and rhythm of Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and West Africa. Started in 2011 by Michelle Cormier and Robin Layne, School of Groove teaches kids some basic skills on the guitar and marimba, percussion and hand drums while working towards a performance. We believe that anyone can be an equally important part of a performance group regardless of skill level. We all have something to offer!

Week long camps are available during the summer and spring breaks and weekly classes are offered throughout the year.