School of Groove in Cuba 2016 … and now 2017!

We are working on our second big adventure to Santiago de Cuba to continue the relationship that the students formed with a fabulously welcoming and inspiring group of instructors. We also hope to participate in the Festival de la Trova that takes place in March of 2017. We are very excited for this second opportunity and appreciate any support!

Please read our info and campaign from last year to give you an idea of what the kids and the project are all about!


The plan is to take a group of musically dedicated kids to Santiago de Cuba to participate in five days of workshops in Cuban ‘Son’, one of the most influential and widespread forms of Latin American music, music, and immerse in a unique musical culture.

School of Groove is a music program dedicated to creating unique and inspiring experiences for kids and youths. Based in Vancouver, School of Groove works with local world musicians to create a unique program that introduces kids to the music of Cuba, Brazil and parts of Africa. Our goal is to instill confidence, promote positive performance experiences and have fun!

We have a talented and focused group of kids who are interested in taking what they have learned to another level. We hope to inspire them further by taking them to the source of the music that they have come to love. For some of the students, this will be a returning trip to further develop their skills and renew the friendships they began in January 2016 during our first journey.


You may click below to donate or call Michelle Cormier at 604 440 2355 to find out other ways to give.

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