What folks are saying about us…

“Working with Michelle was fantastique! My students (and I) got to touch and play all sorts of instruments and learn about keeping a beat and rhythm. Her humour, expertise and patience were so appreciated. We had a lot of fun learning to play and jam like a real band.” S. Vose – Grade 3 teacher at Laura Secord Elementary

“Michelle’s approach to music education is completely unique. Her focus is an inclusive one. Kids don’t have a chance to get shy or nervous about anything– they are a part of the show the minute they walk in the door. Michelle doesn’t get technical with the kids, she just gets going. She makes music education fun and natural. Kids gain confidence performing and they have a great time too!  Michelle’s classes are as much about musicology as they are about ethnography. Through the songs and the various instruments they perform on students learn about other cultures and other traditions. As the parent of a music obsessed child, I’ve visited every major music school in town and observed many a pedagogic platform. Michelle’s approach is the compliment – and in some cases the antidote– to many of these. She is always smiling, always having a great time teaching and this spirit the kids can’t help but find infectious.” Chad – parent

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