School of Groove offers a variety of workshops for any occasion, setting or age group. From school residencies to birthday parties to corporate events and team building workshops, students and participants will get hands on experience with professional musicians while learning a lot about the culture and origins of a particular tradition.


Here are some examples of programs offered.

Afro-Cuban Folkloric Percussion and Songs

This program can be taught in tandem with Afro-Cuban percussionist and educator Israel “Toto” Berriel. It is an introduction to the history and origins of Afro-Cuban folkloric music in which the students will learn the function and particular rhythm for each instrument of a typical Rumba ensemble and the coros (or chorus) that accompanies the percussion. We will also trace the roots of this style to its origins in Africa. This can be a one-time presentation or a workshop-style residency with a minimum of four classes and a performance at the end of the session. This can be included in an integrative social studies program to help the students understand concepts such as community, globalization, colonialism and other large ideas. Grade K-12.

Mexican Music: History and Origins

Take a trip through the different regions of Mexico, from the Norteñas of the north, the sounds of Vera Cruz on the east coast and the Mariachi traditions of Jalisco and surrounding areas. We will talk about how the influence of various cultures shaped the styles that we hear in those regions today. This program works well in a school with a strings program and/or Spanish classes but is not necessary. The repertoire covered can include violins, guitars, trumpets and vocal parts. We ensure a part for everyone. Grade 5-12.

School of Groove

This program focuses on all aspects of a performance group and links musical traditions with the social and political environment of a given location. It can cover the music of Cuba, Brazil or South Africa. Younger age groups will learn how the music is a reflection of the community and is an activity meant to teach and promote the group’s culture and values. For high school students, I will engage the participants in a historical journey of the development of musical traditions and how they have evolved in relationship to changing political, social and global environments. It can include guest teacher Israel Berriel. Grade K-12.


If you are a school looking for some interesting programming for your students, you could be eligible for an Artstarts Grant. Please check out this link for more information:

Several workshops are planned for the 2019 – 2020 school year in Vancouver, Gabriola Island, Victoria and Guanajuato, Mexico.

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