See who makes School of Groove possible…

VLACC (Vancouver Latin American Cultural Centre)

Whose mandate is “to contribute to the education and cultural legacy of all Canadians by exploring and sharing deeper understanding of Latin American arts and culture”

They are a new partner for the Spring Term classes and a collaborator for future projects.


TrebleFive Studios

Home of TrebleFive Music, the studios house some of the most active members of the Vancouver music community and School of Groove is proud to share this space and be part of this eclectic collective.


Oaxaca Studios

Alex Gonzales of Oaxaca Studios is responsible for our branding and print material. He has captured the energy and essence of what School of Groove is all about in his colourful and vibrant art work.

Elmar Spanier

So much of the School of Groove equipment has been donated by Elmar Spanier, the classes wouldn’t be possible without his generosity. Elmar also assists as sound technician for many of our presentations.


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