Vancouver’s Youth Mariachi Band – Los Tesoros, formerly known as Los Castorcitos, is currently planning another trip to Mexico to participate in a Festival that includes 3 days of workshops, a competition and a whole lot of inspiration! SO… if you have a special occasion or a special someone that you’d like to surprise, the group is for hire! We need to raise enough funds to get all of the youths to participate in this special and unique opportunity. Please call Michelle at 604 440 2355 for more information.

Viva el Mariachi Juvenil!





Festival in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, 2016



Workshops and performances with new friends in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, 2015



Since 2008, Vancouver’s youth Mariachi band has been performing around Vancouver at various public and private events and have also had the opportunity to participate and study at International Mariachi Festivals in Guadalajara(2009, 2010) and Rosarito Beach (2013 – 16), Mexico.

This is a group for students with an interest in the music of Mexico. Must have some experience, be able to read music and be self-motivated. The instruments that are present in a traditional Mariachi group are: violin, trumpet, guitar, guitarron, vihuela and harp.

Guitarron literally means “big guitar” and is a 6-string bass. So if you already play an acoustic or electric bass, this may be a fun instrument for you to try!

The vihuela is very similar to the guitar but with only 5 strings and is the key rhythm instrument of the ensemble. So if you play guitar, this may be something to try for a new challenge.

Classes are held on Fridays from 4:15 – 5:45 at 918 East 8 Ave

Please see the Fall, Winter and Spring Schedules under Classes for current registration and fees.

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  1. Hello, I’m looking to hire a mariachi band for either May 2nd or 9th and was wondering if the group was available so we could talk about pricing etc? Thanks so much.


    Shane Dembiske
    General Manager
    Yaletown Brewing Co.
    1111 Mainland St.
    Vancouver B.C

  2. Hi, I’m a casting director out of Los Angeles. We’re casting Mariachi bands for a new music video shooting in Vancouver. It’s a paid gig and we’d love to discuss this more with you if you’re interested! Shoot me an email and I can give you more details!

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