Winter Schedule

School of Groove Beginners class – January 14 – Feb 25

A new class for young students age 7 – 13, no experience necessary. Perfect for students interested in the guitar, bass, marimba, percussion and simply making music with friends! This is a fun way to learn some skills and discover new instruments in a supportive, inspiring environment. The focus will be on learning Latin rhythm ideas while applying them to popular repertoire.

4:30 – 6pm

Cost: $140

Location: 150 East 3rd Ave (Casa del Artista)


Introduction to Mariachi – January 15 – Feb 26

For beginner musicians age 7 – 13 interested in playing in an ensemble. We will learn about this dynamic and lively music of Mexico, including a bit about it’s history and origins. We learn popular Mariachi repertoire as an ensemble with the goal to create a performing group. This class is most suitable for students with some experience on their instruments and are currently taking private lessons. Some reading skills are required. Instruments accepted in this type of ensemble are trumpet, violin, guitar and guitarrón (Mexican bass).

4:30 – 6pm


Location: 150 East 3rd Ave (Casa del Artista)


Son Cubano/Son Jarocho Workshop – January 18 – February 8

This is for more advanced students age 11 and up. The focus is on the traditional music of Cuba and eastern Mexico.

4 – 6pm


Location: 918 East 8th Ave