Weekly Class: Learn to play guitar, hand percussion and marimba in a small group setting. Have fun with the music and rhythms of Cuba, Brazil and South Africa. This class is suitable for all levels. It is suggested that participants have their own guitar (which can be rented from Long & Mcquade). A performace for family and friends is held at the end of the session.



Mariachi Guitar Class – This is for younger guitar students of all levels. We will work on Mexican repertoire, sing popular Mexican songs and have an introduction to the vihuela and Guitarrón.


Mariachi Ensemble: This is a performing group for kids of all ages!

Learn the repertoire of an amazingly diverse musical culture. The instruments in a traditional Mariachi are: violin, trumpet, guitar, harp, vihuela(like a guitar) and guitarron(like a bass). Students must have at least 2 years experience on their instrument and audition for a place in the group. It is also expected that each student is taking regular private lessons. There are many performing opportunities with the group and some chance to travel to participate in International Mariachi festivals. Our school has access to vihuela and guitarron if anyone is interested in learning either of these. The group will prepare to travel to Rosarito Beach, Mexico in October 2016 to participate in a Festival and workshops.